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Sacred Flower Farm’s Bubba Kush Flower is A-Cut, High CBD, and organically grown flower from the heart of the Southern Oregon Rogue Valley. This Strain is a Sovereign Field’s Flagship cultivar, and is a versatile Indica-dominant hybrid that was created with a broad spectrum of powerful characteristics to help the farmers and the consumers.

This flower has a designer-boutique terpene profile that displays the classic Afghani Kush expression. Sharp, gassy notes of black pepper and clove followed by citric peel and earthy undertones. With a beautiful bud and a smooth smoking experience, this Bubba Kush is a great strain for the flower connoisseur.

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The Brand
Cannabinoid Info

17.3% CBD 



Grown to organic standards


Indica-Dominant Hybrid Bubba Kush CBD Flower


How to Use:

  • With our Bubba Kush CBD flower, you can roll it, pack it in a bowl, enjoy in a blunt or vape pod.

Additional Information:

  • Sacred Flower Farms is an OLCC-Licensed Recreational Cannabis and Hemp Producer in the Rogue Valley, committed to Self-Sustaining Cultivation methods that go above and beyond to create a superior product.
  • “We strive to be a model of the way cannabis and hemp can and should be cultivated. We infuse each and every step of our process with love. From seed to flower, oil to tincture.
    We have been featured in the cannabis magazine, Oregon Leaf multiple times highlighting our products, growing techniques, and have been given many testimonials by customers. We are proud of our products, and our mission this year is to become a household name in the CBD Industry.”
  • This Bubba Kush CBD flower product contains less than 0.3% THC. Any isomer of THC, including Delta 8 and CBD, can result in a failed drug test.
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