TKO Reserve

TKO CBD farm

Established in 2010, TKO Reserve is a family run cannabis farm and animal sanctuary. With love and respect for the earth, TKO passionately produces high quality, organic, non-chemical cannabis via sustainable and regenerative practices, producing only the most pure products. TKO HQ is built upon 60 acres of fertile land nestled in the beautiful Rogue Valley of Southern Oregon. Their dedicated THC cultivation plot contains 1 acre of outdoor permaculture-style cultivation alongside several state-of-the-art greenhouses. With over a decade of experience in this budding industry, they bring their expertise in greenhouse, indoor, outdoor and breeding cultivation. From seed to sale, this family-run farm ensures everything we do is beyond organic and sustainable. TKO prides themselves on growing exclusive strains and have found a passion in breeding exciting new genetics with powerful flavor and beautiful flowers.

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