Millerville Farms

southern oregon Millerville farms

Millerville Farms, creator of Oregon's legendary varietal Jager, produces some of the finest sungrown craft cannabis on the market today. The Miller family made a home and farm in South Fork area of Illinois Valley in 1967. That was where their family started the uphill trek of making the dream of legal cannabis a reality. When the Millerville Farms team is not tending to their outdoor buds they are knocking out tasks with their neighbors of cowboys and fellow farmers. Once you taste the difference in Millerville Farms flowers, you will quickly understand why their cultivators are devoted to growing marijuana to perfection. The collective work of Millerville Farms' generations past and present have set the standard for sun-grown cannabis. Now expanding operations into Hemp production as well, the team at Millerville is setting a high bar for organic cannabis grown to strict traditional standards. 

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